Training with Jubilee Library: Part Two

Written by John – PPF Research Volunteer

Part two of our ongoing training at Jubilee Library took place on Monday 10th June.

We gathered at the library in the Community Centre and were surrounded by Students of various ages who were working on Exam revision and Dissertations with papers strewn over every flat space that was available to work on, already creating a positive learning environment.

We made our way up to the top floor of the library where a room had been set aside for us, and after applying name badges we looked through the folders that had been prepared for us, and were introduced to the two Library Services Managers, Jo Simmons, and Sally Pope, who were going to be our guides for the session.

Advertisement in an old Trade Directory for 38 Duke Street (next to HTC)

The Training Sessions were informative and included;

Local History;

Types of Historic Material;

Lending Libraries and their available resources;

Local History Websites, including Maps and Census Returns;

Trade Directories, ( a forerunner of the Yellow Pages)

Electoral Rolls and Newspaper Archives.

We were encouraged to ask questions and were then shown how to access the Library Resources on the computers which were available in the room, and having logged on we were encouraged to surf some of the sites we had access to, and were amazed at the amount and extent of the resources.

Trinity Chapel description from an old Trade Directory

We had a brief break for coffee or tea and then we were given information on how to check Family Histories online and how to put together a Family Tree, by accessing Records of Birth Certificates Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates.

The Staff had provided an impressive book list based on our Holy Trinity Research Project, and  details summarising the available websites that the library provided.

We finished the session around 4.30 and personally, my head was spinning with the amount and quality of the information we had covered in the session and came away with a very positive opinion of the Library and it’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable Staff.

Overall a very worthwhile visit.


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