Discovering the organ

When researching through the Holy Trinity parish records which are kept at The Keep, we came across some beautifully hand written church meeting minutes. These meeting minutes are a great insight into the church, the decisions they made about it, and the world at that time too.

We noticed an organ being mentioned in 1906 minutes, with talk of raising funds for its repair, then in subsequent meetings that an organ subcommittee was successful in completing its fundraising and repair. We still have funding statements regarding the organ that go into the 1960’s. This was the first time that we had heard of an organ, certainly Fabrica’s documents never mentioned one, concluding that it had long been removed since Fabrica’s arrival.

When looking through some of the wonderful images on the Brighton Museum Collection on their website: we noticed an old photographic print of the chancel in its earlier iteration (no wooden altar rails and its adorned with the red and white patterned tiles). The particularly interesting point of this photograph is that on the left wall there seems to be organ pipes, alongside where the pews for the choir would be!

Photographic print showing interior of Trinity Chapel – Reference number: BH400182 Collection: Brighton History Centre

This certainly needs more investigating, but we are learning as we go.

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