Cemetery snapshot: visiting Robertson and Wylds

Brighton Cemetery Research Trip

Written by John, Volunteer Researcher

Sally, Tom, Angi, Sandrine and myself, John, met up at the entrance to the Extra Mural Cemetery, on the Lewes Road in Brighton. We had decided that a visit to the burial place of Holy Trinity Church’s most famous Preacher, The Rev. FW Robertson, was due.

It was a beautiful late Summer morning and we left the urban traffic noise behind and made our way up  along the narrow road which had late blooming flowers flanking our left hand side.

Sally had a map of the location of Robertson’s tomb ,which was up on a rise on the left of the path.

It is quite impressive and shows the esteem he must have been held in by the church attenders of Holy Trinity .

We had hoped to gain access to one of the small chapels that were nearby but these were locked.

We made our way round and decided to use the opportunity , as we were together, to visit the cemetery of St Nicholas where the family tomb of Amon Wilds , who was the builder of Holy Trinity, was situated.

St Nicholas  of Myra Church  is recognised as the oldest surviving building in Brighton , and its present structure dates from the 14 th. Century.

The Wilds family tomb is here in the Churchyard .

Again there was an air of peacefulness , and it was easy to imagine people standing in this spot looking out to sea away down the Church Hill, a view which would  not have been hindered by the present day buildings of the shopping centre.

We made our way across the road to the Rest Garden which contained more  gravestones and what appeared to be catacombs.

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