Film Screening: Great Expectations

In August 1857, F.W Robertson began ministering at the Holy Trinity Church, where he became a popular preacher amongst his community. His words drew in many people of varying religious beliefs and social classes, including the English writer and social critic Charles Dickens. Dickens held Robertson and his preaching ability in very high regard, reportedly saying that “to hear Robertson read the church prayers was in itself a liberal education.”

Great Expectations (2012)

In light of Charles Dicken’s admiration for the work Robertson did at Holy Trinity, Fabrica will be hosting a screening of Great Expectations on 11th November for several schools and colleges. The event will be hosted in partnership with Into Film Festival, which aims to support teachers in using film to enhance the education of young people. Alongside the screening, Colette, one of Fabrica’s heritage tour guides, will be giving a talk, discussing what it was like to live at the time of Charles Dickens,by drawing on connections from characters in the film.

To book, or to find out more, please click here.

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