Phase Three

cofThe third aspect of our restoration project is the beautiful wood paneling which is hidden away in our Artist Resource space, situated next to the chancel. Sadly, the wall which the paneling is on had suffered from water damage, so the damaged panels needed to be removed and restored.


The gold lettering which commemorates what we believe to be previous preachers was damaged due to the water. The panels have now been restored and placed back onto the wall.c1qq3tsts0c7essk2lkdja-e1560959622170.jpg



Equally, this room holds numerous resources for artists which Fabrica have collected over the years. It is a physical library which has information and advice for artist professional development (including fundraising, exhibiting and residences), as well as artist reference books. As part of the Artist Resource, we offer 1-2-1 advice sessions to support artists in their practice, led by industry professionals, and we run a series of events throughout the year which are designed to support artist professional development

This space also holds a plaque featuring the likeness of Rev. Robert Anderson, who is one of the first preachers of the church. This gentleman was obviously an important member of the community as this large plaque was originally placed in the chancel, as pictured below. As part of our Past Present Future research project, If these walls could talk, our volunteers will be finding out more about who he was and the work he did.



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