Unknown Vicar: Identity Found!

For years, Brighton and Hove museum has housed a postcard of a vicar who preached at The Holy Trinity Church from 1917-1924. Despite the museum showcasing this image (pictured in the monochrome portrait below), he has not been able to be identified up until recently…

‘Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove’.

Researchers from the Past, Present Future team, went to The Keep with the aim to find out more about Holy Trinity’s history when they came across ‘The Parochial Gazetteer’, a publication which collates information about numerous parishes and their histories. Within the publication you can see an image of a man who looks just like that of the one in the postcard and Brighton and Hove Museum (see below). The research team contacted the museum regarding their findings and they have since updated their records, confirming that the man in the postcard, is the same man as in the Parochial Gazetteer! Indeed, thanks to the Past Present Future team, we can confirm he is Reverend Alan H Watts!

We are currently researching Rev Watts, and hope to fill in more gaps about our story!
We also welcome more information from our community. If you know something about Watts or, indeed, about anything related to the building’s history, do get in touch with pastpresentfuture@fabrica.org.uk

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